By Randy Schauer, Esquire

Is your office OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) compliant?  Few physicians realize that OSHA violations can result in significant penalties.  Fox attorneys recently advised a medical practice cited by OSHA after an inspection of one of its offices. In defending the citation, we asked the OSHA inspector what actions had precipitated the inspection as there had been no injuries, employee reports or other typical triggers for an OSHA inspection. He learned the inspection came about as a result of a “Local Emphasis Program” by the Philadelphia OSHA office.

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Do you have a succession plan for your medical practice? In my experience, too many physicians wait until close to retirement age to begin developing a plan to transition out of practice. Given the volatility of the healthcare market, you should certainly not assume that there will be a ready and willing buyer for your practice if and when you decide to slow down or retire.

If your local hospital, or another practice or physician in your community is not interested in purchasing your practice, you could be out of luck. Without someone to take over the practice, your only option is to close your doors and liquidate your assets. If you’re lucky, you may find a local physician who will take custody of your medical records, but if not, you will need to pay to store these to the extent required by law.

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Even if you are not considering selling your medical practice now, there are good reasons to maintain it in a condition to be sold.  For one thing,  healthcare reimbursement is subject to huge swings. Physician reimbursement in governmental payor programs continues to be a political football and, depending which side of the line the ball lands