In the recently released OIG Advisory Opinion No. 09-16, the OIG found that participation by chiropractors in a referral network would not run afoul of the federal antikickback statute.  In AO 09-16, the OIG reviewed a proposed arrangement whereby chiropractors who are members of an association would each pay $200 per month to participate in a "network" that would

It is apparent that preventive care will take on greater importance in the "reformed " health care system and while Medicare historically did not cover routine or preventive screening services, the list of preventive services now covered by Medicare has grown in recent years.  Physicians should familiarize themselves with the applicable coverage and billing rules so

In its recent Advisory Opinion No. 09-05, the OIG reviewed a proposed arrangement whereby a hospital would compensate physicians for on-call services performed on behalf of the hospital’s uninsured patients. The OIG concluded that while the Proposed Arrangement could potentially generate prohibited remuneration under the anti-kickback statute, if the requisite intent to induce or reward