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Thinking About Hiring a New Physician?

Posted in Practice Management

Hiring a new physician into a practice can be an expensive and risky proposition but for most practices it is a necessary endeavor.  Aside from the actual costs of recruiting and negotiating a contract with the new physician, there are associated increases in overhead, and perhaps most importantly, the risk of damaging valuable practice goodwill in the… Continue Reading

Emphasize the Value of the Physician-Patient Relationship

Posted in Practice Management

The article Pediatricians v Retail Clinics: Is It Time to Think Beyond the Office Visit? published today at time.com, highlights an important shift occurring in the delivery of physician services.  Patients are foregoing their regular physician office visits in favor of  “as-needed” treatment from retail clinics, urgent care centers and walk-in clinics springing up around… Continue Reading

FTC Sues to Block Hospital Acquisition of Medical Practice

Posted in Health Reform

Adding an interesting wrinkle to an already complex environment, the Federal Trade Commission filed a suit this month to block an Idaho hospital from acquiring a physician practice.  According to an article on thomsonreuters.com, the FTC and the IDAHO Attorney General have filed an antitrust complaint  seeking to block St. Luke’s Health System’s acquisition of… Continue Reading

Selling Your Practice to a Hospital? Know Where You Want to End Up

Posted in Practice Management

There’s an interesting piece in the Miami Herald today regarding hospitals once again acquiring physician practices. The article raises some good questions regarding the motivations underlying this growing (recurring) trend and suggests that it might be more about control than preparing for a "reformed" health care system. The article also questions whether hospitals will be any… Continue Reading

“Narrow Network” HMOs — An Emerging Trend Worth Watching

Posted in Health Reform

The emergence of narrow network HMO products is a trend worth watching for several reasons: first, it demonstrates that third party payers are aggressively seeking to better manage health care costs and are looking for innovative ways to do so; and, second, it is apparent that as new products are developed, those providers who are integrated (both horizontally and vertically) are most likely to be the players of choice.

Be Proactive About Negative Online Reviews

Posted in Practice Management

Have you or your practice been the subject of a negative online review? If not, there’s a pretty good chance that you might be in the future. Given that a physician’s reputation is one of his or her most valuable professional assets, I would encourage you to proactively protect your online reputation.

Another Proposed Physician Joint Venture Bites the Dust

Posted in Fraud and Abuse, Medicare

Physicians are feeling the economic burn of the down economy perhaps more than the average American. Not surprisingly, creative physician joint ventures are proliferating in the healthcare industry as a means of stabilizing revenue streams and referral patterns. Unfortunately, many of these arrangements may raise questions under applicable fraud and abuse laws. One such proposed… Continue Reading

CMS Answers Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Electronic Health Record Incentives

Posted in Medicare

In July, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released the much-anticipated final regulations that providers are required to meet in order to receive the Medicare incentives for adoption of a certified electronic health record system. In those regulations, In the final rule, CMS set forth 15 core elements which must be met in… Continue Reading

Massachusett’s Regulations Ban Gifts to Physicians

Posted in Fraud and Abuse, Health Reform

Massachusetts has joined the small but growing list of states regulating gifts and payments by pharmaceutical and device manufacturers to physicians.  According to a Boston Globe article, Massachusetts regulators have adopted regulations banning gifts to physician and mandating disclosure of consulting/speaking payments to doctors in excess of $50. The regulations apply to any pharmaceutical and… Continue Reading